Kathy Williams

It's our first time to have a long layover (16 hours to be exact) in Beijing.. So my friend and I thought about trying the layover tour that we saw in Google.. We've decided to do the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City Tour.. David was very responsive and gave us right away our itinerary for the trip.. Our tour guide Tony was already at the arrival area by the time we got there.. He was very friendly and informed us about the places that we're gonna go to.. He's such a great tour guide, thumbs up for that!!!
We learned a lot from him about the country's history and culture..

I would totally do this tour again and recommend it to family and friends..

Karly Horne

I had the pleasure of booking this layover tour with Willy and I would highly recommend the tour to anyone looking to make the most of their layover. We had 10 hours to kill and just had to get to the Great Wall of China. Shout out to Willy for being our amazing tour guide and really giving us an enjoyable experience. He picked us up at 6:30 am and we drove to the Wall. We were starving from our 17 hour flight so Willy picked us up some fantastic dumplings along the way. 
Seeing the Great Wall was a magical experience and I suggest getting there right when it opens because you have sections of the Wall all to yourself! Definitely bring comfy walking shoes because it is Steep!!!! 
Thank you Willy for all the laughs and a great time. We can't wait to come back for another tour with you .

Corinne Baik

We had a 10 hour layover in Beijing, and signed up fairly last minute hoping to luck out to get a good tour for us...and we were totally satisfied. David got us set up with Claire for a guide, a young woman with good English, who was knowledgable about the culture as well as the history of the Wall. She was on time to pick us up, and got us back within 10 minutes of our planned return, which was impressive considering unpredictable traffic. Claire's warm and friendly personality made the kids comfortable, and they ended up asking more questions then we did! Our driver was safe, and we felt secure throughout the tour, which was absolutely worth the money. Thanks for a great time!

Steve Levin

We had a 9 hour layover, which was the right amount of time to do this trip right. Linda was a great host - after passing through customs, we met her at Starbucks and drove to the wall from the airport in about 1 hr 20 min. She gave a great recap of some wall history and her life growing up in China. She took us up to the wall and took some great photos, before leaving us to enjoy the wall for a bit. Finally we took a great toboggan ride to finish the day. Worth it!



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